Facts and Figures

Why too many new employees fail

This month we are working on successful Human Resource management for a client . . .

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Whilst specialised skillsets are essential for specific roles, we believe businesses should focus more on the attitudes and behaviours of the candidate.

Do technical skills really matter if the employee isn’t able to accept feedback, does not have the drive to achieve full potential or has the wrong personality for the organisation?

If your HR department solely covers all recruitment processes, try involving current employees – especially the line manager for the vacant role. They won’t be distracted by facts and figures, but will be looking for someone who is a good fit for their department.

The importance of professional coaching

At the 1996 Olympics, Great Britain won 1 gold medal and ranked 36th in the ratings table. Investment in these athletes had been minimal and little support was given.

As a result, the government deemed professional coaching to be essential and funded it through the National Lottery.


Following this support, Great Britain went on to flourish and their success flowed . . .

2008 Beijing: Great Britain ranked 4th with 19 gold medals and 47 total medals

2012 London: Great Britain ranked 3rd with 29 gold medals and 65 total medals

2016 Rio: Great Britain ranked 2nd with 27 gold medals and 67 total medals


Professional coaching is also needed for management . . . imagine the results that can be achieved!

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