Leader Development Programme . . . done!

August ended with a bang as we celebrated 14 Leaders from Select Lifestyles, who completed the access2growth Leader Development Programme.

The last 12 months with them have been a huge success – just ask the Directors and Leaders!

No time to rest though, as we look forward to starting the 2nd year of the programme with a new round of Select Lifestyle’s managers next week.

The Leaders with their certificates.

The Leaders with their certificates.

The Leaders with Joe Booth and Leanne Shea.

The Leaders with Joe Booth and Leanne Shea.

Well done Select Lifestyles!

This month sees us start a 5th module in a leadership development programme, with Select Lifestyles Ltd.

Module 5 is different to the others and stands alone due to the technical knowledge required. Therefore we harnessed the skills of internal experts within the company to help write the education book and to present to the management team.

Joe and Leanne took a backseat as the presenters took over and did a sterling job! This module was a real team effort – well done to everyone involved!

access2growth tailor every program . . . and you don’t get more tailored than this!

And here they are - the Module 5 presenters!

And here they are - the Module 5 presenters!

Emma - Operational Developments Manager

Emma - Operational Developments Manager

Claire and Fiona - Operations Managers

Claire and Fiona - Operations Managers

Michelle - HR Manager

Michelle - HR Manager

Alex - Health & Safety Manager

Alex - Health & Safety Manager

Amy - Sales Ledger Manager

Amy - Sales Ledger Manager

Working with Skills Matrices today

The Skills Matrix is a practical and visual way to illustrate the present level of skill and competencies within your business.

What the makes the Skills Matrix so advantageous is:

  • It gives better awareness and understanding of individual skills for the department and for each team member

  • It will enable you to plan your team members’ coaching, training and development

  • The department’s competence level is quantified, which then makes training and development plans more meaningful and measurable


Get in touch with us via the "Contact" page on our website to learn how to successfully implement a Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix.jpg

Joe Booth’s summary of 2018 for access2growth

Birthday Cake.png

2019 will be the 25th anniversary for access2growth.
I remember the trepidation I felt starting the company back on 1st January 1994. Could we make it work? Could we make a difference? Would our clients improve their business performance as a result of our support?

Since then so much has happened (over 150 clients – Rolls Royce Aerospace, Carl Zeiss, Denby Pottery to name a few). I will not bore readers with distant memories, however I am proud to say that 8 of our clients have won national awards as a direct result of our support – this I feel is access2growth’s greatest achievement!

Thank You.png

I must take this opportunity to thank all past and present employees of access2growth. Special mention goes out to Alison Johnson, who was there from the beginning, getting access2growth off the ground. And Paul Curtis for his tremendous contribution and valued wisdom - we could not have achieved our successes without him.

The core competency of access2growth was to help our clients implement Lean successfully, which we extended by creating “Lean Managers” to change the culture of the organisation. It is a pleasure to say that 25 years later we are still maintaining this!

Cogs in Hands.png

In 2018 I continued our work with existing clients, whilst my daughter Leanne Shea, progresses in her quest to introduce the Lean philosophy into offices – which is mostly unheard of and sadly neglected.
We also started a fantastic new Management programme within the Care sector, which has been fun and demanding….just the way access2growth likes it!

2019-20 is already looking exciting for access2growth. Keep up to date with us by following our LinkedIn page, using the link below:

 And thank you for your continued support

The importance of professional coaching

At the 1996 Olympics, Great Britain won 1 gold medal and ranked 36th in the ratings table. Investment in these athletes had been minimal and little support was given.

As a result, the government deemed professional coaching to be essential and funded it through the National Lottery.


Following this support, Great Britain went on to flourish and their success flowed . . .

2008 Beijing: Great Britain ranked 4th with 19 gold medals and 47 total medals

2012 London: Great Britain ranked 3rd with 29 gold medals and 65 total medals

2016 Rio: Great Britain ranked 2nd with 27 gold medals and 67 total medals


Professional coaching is also needed for management . . . imagine the results that can be achieved!

GB Olympics.PNG

Teaching our Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P) game today

When lack of consistency is a problem, implement a S.O.P
Variations in quality can then be avoided for all areas of work . . . products, systems, reports, services, etc.

A first-class S.O.P is not just a quality aid - it can be used as a problem solving tool and a control document, to help identify gaps that may exist. In addition, a S.O.P is ideal for training and as a personal development performance monitor.

Get in touch with us via the "Contact" page on our website to play the S.O.P game

S.O.P Brick Game.png